At Holmes Store & Lock, our goal has been to create not only a company that we could be proud to bear our family name, but also stand as a pillar in the Camden East community.
We specialize in self storage in Camden East, and with our convenient location next to Highway 401 we boast the easiest self-storage access for Camden East residents!
Holmes Store and Lock is a family business and our presence within the region puts us in a unique position as a self storage business in Camden East.
As a result, we are offering special deals to those who book this year:
Sign a lease for one year and receive one month free.
Or, sign a 6 month lease and receive 50% off your last month.
Contact us today for special discounts on our flagship units and enjoy peace of mind today!
Q: Is security a concern?

Holmes Store and Lock implements robust security measures such as perimeter fencing, security cameras, and access control systems. The top reason for this is to ensure the protection of your stored items and maintain a secure storage environment.

Q: Why should I consider renting a self-storage space near Camden East instead of within the city itself?

By choosing a storage facility close to where you live, you can conveniently access your belongings whenever you need them without having to travel far while providing the extra security of having them in a rural area far removed from prying eyes.

Q: Are there climate-controlled storage options available?

Yes, along with out outdoor storage lockers we offer interior storage units. These units provide temperature and humidity regulation, safeguarding your sensitive items from extreme weather conditions. The top reason to choose this option is to preserve the condition and longevity of your belongings, especially if you’re storing valuable or delicate items including documents and electronics.

Q: What are the benefits of an outdoor storage unit?

Outdoor self-storage units are more affordable than interior, climate-controlled units. With this type of unit, you can park your vehicle right in front of the storage unit, making it easier to load and unload your belongings. This is particularly beneficial if you have large or heavy items to store or if you frequently need to access your belongings. If you’re storing items that are not sensitive to temperature or humidity changes, such as outdoor furniture, gardening tools, or sports equipment, an outdoor unit is preferable.

Q: Is it better to reserve a storage locker long term, or rent as needed?

Long-term storage allows you to declutter your living or working space while keeping your belongings accessible whenever you need them. Investing in long-term self-storage allows you to plan for future needs and transitions. If you anticipate moving, downsizing, or remodeling in the future, having a storage locker provides a practical solution to store your belongings during these transitions especially if you are a student, a young couple, or retirees.

Very accommodating, super clean and secure!

Lynn Gaylard

Brittany was awesome to deal with. The unit was conveniently located, new, well priced and the site was really easy to navigate through regardless of the vehicle or its size. I would recommend to anyone.

Iain Gardiner

The service is always friendly and inquiries are quickly answered, Brittany is always just a text or phone call away. When I found myself shopping for a locker with very short notice, Brit was able to quickly address my needs.


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